As can be seen here, the 6x6 post is notched and then secured with carriage bolts through the post.

Semper Fi 


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And is a beautiful living space to enjoy!

This Pergola adds some additional shade to this upper deck without taking away from the light wanted through the kitchen window (behind).

​SemperFi built the entire deck and stair system as well.

Pergolas are a relatively inexpensive way to add shade and ambiance to your backyard.

This Pergola was built with specific customer request for additional shade. Therefore, the rafters are set at 12" apart with the 2x2s set at 6" apart.

​The entire Pergola spanned 20' and required reinforced headers.

Pergola construction

As with a SemperFi Fence, our Pergolas are built with the same care regarding strength and longevity.

These pergolas have made a great addition to these decks...all built by Semper Fi.


This Pergola was installed above a garage in Blanchard Woods.

​It spanned over 18' and adds a great look to the garage entrance.