Semper Fi 


Grovetown, GA 30813    706.513.2521 Jon Pike

Gates are possibly the most important part of any fence project. 

* The gate is the only moveable part of your fence. Opening and closing hundreds of times a year.

* A gate that is not built properly will ultimately sag and/or bind, causing the gate to not close/open or latch.

What makes a Semper Fi Fence gate different from other most others!

1. Our gates start with a welded and galvanized solid steel frame.

2. Then the fence boards or "pickets" are screwed to the steel frame using self tapping screws. 6 screws for every single board.

3. The hinges are then also screwed directly through the picket into the steel frame.

4. When building gate openings, I use 4" x 6" posts for the weight bearing post(s) of any gate. Many other fence builders just use another 4 x 4. And the posts are set at least 2 feet deep with an average of 80 lbs. of high strength concrete.

The resulting gate, whether single or double swing, has all of its weight being supported by the solid steel frame, so there will never be any sagging over time. In fact, the gate frame will out live the life of your fence!!!

Same 4' gate with view from the outside.

​Steel frame is not visible from the street side.


Two 4' steel frames used to build an 8' wide double swing "shadow box" style fence.

Solid steel frame on a 4' wide "privacy" type fence.