A great choice for a deck renovation. Get rid of those old split and rotten boards and replace them with a new Composite Deck.

​Composite Decking has a great wood grain, several color choices and will last 3-4 times as long as a wood deck.

8. All decking is done with solid boards. For decks up to 16' wide / long, a single board is used. For decks wider / longer, a transition board is used for a nice "seamless" look. (some other contractors piece together smaller pieces of decking to save on lumber, leaving a checker board look).

Deck Renovation

4. All joists are secured with "joist hangers" which are rust proof steel support. ​(Some other contractors simply nail the joists).


Deck Construction - what makes us different !

Semper Fi 


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10. There are many contractors who skimp on lumber, hardware and the extra time to use screws, etc.

Most decks will look similar when new. But after a few years, when the boards start cupping, warping, and nails start backing out...the few hundred dollars you saved and the bigger profit the contractor made will not matter!!!!!


We specialize in repairing/renovating decks. Most customers choose to have the old deck boards removed and new ones installed, keeping the existing frame and saving hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars.

The result is a new looking deck for a fraction of the expense.

6. All deck boards will have solid surface for securing with screws. *Note double joist around perimeter.


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1. Our posts are set in High Strength Concrete.

​Once a deck is built, most home owners don't know and can't see the frame construction and some builders count on that.

JUST REMEMBER: Most decks may look the same, but their not built the same...and by the time the boards start backing out and the nails cause splitting...the builder is long gone.


7. All decking is secured with 2.5" galvanized "Lifetime Warrantee" deck screws. NO NAILS! ​(some other contractors use nails...which ultimately back out and fail)

Looks Brand New!!!!

The deck you see above was refurbished with new deck boards, railings/balusters but no new frame.

* More importantly, as with all Semper Fi Decks, there are no seams. NOTE: Transition boards eliminate any board ends....unlike previous installation.

​5. Step supports for up to two steps are cantilevered for superior strength.

9. The finished deck has no seams and leaves a nice smooth look. It takes more lumber...but gives a much better deck.

3. Joists (the cross beams) are single solid boards. 

​    2x6 - Up to 12' spans

​    2x8 - Up to 16' spans

2. Support posts are set at 4' intervals. (some others set up to 8' apart)


Semper Fi Decks are built with the same extra quality and strength of our fences. 

We are proud to say that you cannot find a single "nail" in one of our decks. Our construction exceeds all building codes and specifications for an extra strong and long lasting deck (see below).

This Trex Transcend decking was installed with "hidden fasteners" which eliminated screws in the face of the deck board and gives a beautiful look!

*The addition of black metal balusters gives this deck a great finishing touch.

Standard Premium Pressure Treated Decking

Many times, the rotted / splitting old deck still has a strong joist or frame system and only needs the surface replaced.