How are Semper Fi Decks Different? - Quality vs. Quantity?

Answer: Semper Fi Decks are built one at a time, each one personally built by Jon and his experienced veterans.

Here's How:

1. Jon meets with each customer personally to evaluate the proposed project and make recommendations to the homeowner, before carefully developing a detailed written estimate which he emails to the customer.

   Other companies send out a "salesman" to meet with you and develop a quote and then you never see them again. A "crew" of who knows who shows up at some point in the future.

​2. Jon meets and usually exceeds building codes as his desire to "build as if it for his own house", always results in a deck built way in excess of building codes, leaving a deck that will stand the test of time...

​   Other guys usually work under a builder and don't have much knowledge of code, engineering and stress components, or even simple Geometry.  (Most probably don't have a clue of what Pythagorean's theorem is???)

3. All support posts are ground rated Pressure Treated 6x6" posts, set in high strength concrete and bolted to  corresponding deck frame with 4.5" lag bolts. (No Nails!)

​   Other guys skimp on any extra materials and just fill in with dirt or gravel.

4. All Joists (supporting frame boards) are connected to outside / inside frame with galvanized steel "joist hangers for extra strength and longevity.

   Other guys can simply shoot nails or use a small 2x2 ledger to support the joists.

5. All decking used is "Premium" Weather Shield Deck boards from Home Depot. (More expensive but have 2X the Pressure Treating and an additional Weather Seal applied)  Please compare to Standard #2 deck boards.

​   Other companies use the least expensive materials possible to maximize profits.

6. TRANSITION BOARDS - Semper Fi is the only company in the area that utilizes this custom step in building decks. a. Eliminates end of board to board installation that creates more splitting and trip hazards (besides looking bad).

b. Gives a unique "framed" look to your deck and gives years of extra life to your deck. (see pictures)

   Other companies try to use every last piece of decking to save money and leaves the deck looking like a jigsaw puzzle.

​7. Railings and Top Caps are custom built with each post attached to the deck using lag bolts. Customers can then choose from a variety of balusters for a custom look.

   Other guys again nail the posts to the deck. They believe the more nails they shoot from their nail gun, the stronger the connection is. Actually the opposite is true. Shooting a lot of nails in one connection actually weakens the wood and causes premature rotting.

​Joist and Frame Construction

Deck Construction

Deck Construction​

​Site Preparation and Initial Support Frames


​Meeting with the home owner is an important step in this important project. The contractor needs to learn what the owner wants and then be able to make recommendations. There is no charge for this service.

​Custom Projects - ​Require a common vision of final project. In these cases, Jon will develop a set of drawings that describes the project and lists specifications.

​Decking Installation

Transition Boards for Decking

​Final Product!

Semper Fi 


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What's the Difference? - Aren't all decks built the same?

Answer:  NO! Just because most decks look the same...they are not built the same.

Although all decks in Columbia County are required to be built to "code", these codes only mandate minimum building requirements and therefore can be built by any techniques as long as the minimum requirements for lumber specifications are met...which is not always the case.